About Us

What do we at Wazin? 

In Wazin, we allow you to communicate face-to-face with the professionals and wherever you are around the world, you will be able through the video call to draw a plan that is designed for you to reach an effective balance for your life.

In Wazin, we carefully selected the best specialists in the fields of therapeutic/clinical nutrition, obesity, weight loss surgeries, gastrointestinal diseases and sport nutrition.

In Wazin you can

1. Register and create a personal file for you.

2. Choose the best specialist for your health, and even if you do not know where to start, we at Wazin has created a space for you to express your situation in by answering a set of questions which in turn helps us to communicate with you to determine your first balance point.

The consultation session, which will be conducted through the best visual and audio technology between you and the specialist at the right time and place, will allow you to communicate directly face to face with the specialist and start the steps to optimize the goals to balance your life.

Start now and enjoy the first steps of balance with ease and anywhere you are.