الشروط والأحكام


Political Terms and Conditions (Privacy Policy):


1. Our clients are entitled to browsing the different sections of our website without providing any personal information that would identify them.


2. The personal information provided by our clients enjoys full protection and we, the management of the website, are committed not to disclose such information but for legal purposes.


3. If they request information about our Company or ask for a consultation, our clients are committed to submitting correct contact information with the request including telephone number and email so as to facilitate the communication process and have their requests responded to.


4. Clients may activate or disable the follow function through which the management communicates with them for their requests.


5. The website management is committed not to disclose any information about clients or their requests to any entity or for any reason except in legal cases that require such disclosure.


6. The electronic management is not responsible for any e-mail or request the client receives requiring such disclosure.


7. The management reviews and modifies the general policy for using our website and amends, when necessary, the security measures to preserve the confidentiality of the personal information of the client.

8. In the event of a dispute, the Kuwaiti law shall be applicable.


General policies for using the website: 


1.       The client assumes full responsibility through the using of our website in terms of transfer of personal information or the incorrect entry and exit of the website.

2.       The Company shall not assume any liability for direct, special, consequential or monetary damage resulting from the use of the website other than provided herein.

3.       The client is entitled to make an appointment before a period of not less than 3 hours of appointment time.

4.       The client shall have the right to move the appointment date three times only, provided that the new date is available.

5.       The client is entitled to recover the amount paid on the condition that the appointment is cancelled at least 5 hours before due time and email to be send by the client to at that time as proof of time and as a request to claim.

6.       The management is entitled to record the interview and maintain the recording for no more than 12 months.

7.       The consequences of hiding information that could affect diagnosis or treatment shall be borne by the client and they may not return to the Company for any legal liability related to that.

8.       The client shall assume the responsibility of updating their medical and personal data on the website.

9.       Wazin website shall not accept any medical case requiring physical or clinical examination such as cardiovascular, respiratory, skin and eye diseases as well as any medical case requiring a physical examination for diagnosis and treatment. Wazin shall inform clients and refuse their request in such cases.

10.   The client shall be legally liable for their comments and misuse of our website and shall not use any abusive or immoral expressions whatsoever.

11.   In order for a request to be accepted, the visitor is required to be fully competent; requests received from visitors under the age of 21 are not accepted because of not meeting the condition of legal capacity as stipulated in the Kuwaiti law but through their natural guardian or custodian. In such cases, all legal documents proving the legal capacity of a natural guardian or custodian must be provided.

12.   All electronic transactions made by our clients such as developing an electronic record, writing a document or email or using electronic signature shall produce the same legal effect of writing on paper documents and media, and such electronic acts shall have the power of proof and evidence according to the law.

13.   Our client is entitled to partially or fully express approval, amend or undo matters related to contracting with our website via electronic transactions. This may have done in one or more transaction through our website.

14.   Photocopies of the electronic documents are treated in the same way as a paper formal original document and shall have evidential weight before different courts and government entities.

15.   In the absence of text in electronic transactions law to regulate the validity of formal and customary electronic documents and records, provisions stipulated in Kuwaiti civil and commercial law of evidence shall apply.

16.   If the management confirmed that the client was using personal information and signature illegally, the management shall be entitled to notify the competent entity as well as the signatory of this illegal act, so he can submit the sufficient documents to clear his responsibility of this illegal act.

17.   After two months break, the visit shall be considered the first if not ordered by the doctor.

18.   The client agrees to use their data (non-personal) for research purposes taking into consideration that there won't be any use of any personal data that might identify them.